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In Mauritius

In Mauritius

Hi and thanks for visiting! My name is Olivier Alais and I have worked for the development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector, particularly in developing countries, for several years. I spent four years in West Africa teaching computer science at the master level, building first rural Internet access in Burkina-Faso, bringing access to knowledge and information through Internet-enabled radio stations in rural Mali, developing adapted digital content for people who had no access to bookstores or libraries, and designing programs to build national research and education networks for governments of Guinea and Benin, as well as post-earthquake Haiti.

I started my own consulting and training company named Soukeina in 2009. Soukeina is based in France and opened an office in Burkina-Faso in 2013. Currently, Soukeina’s main activities consist of consulting missions for governments and public institutions and providing ICT workshops for professionals.

Examples of my project experience include the design of the Digital Education Plan for Higher Education and Research in Haiti or the elaboration of the open source policy, strategy and action plan for the government of Mauritius to support its entrance into the open digital world.

I would be happy to receive your feedback and contributions. Feel free to contact me at and visit my personal web site at alais.org.