Visiting the United Nations University in Macao

The UN University - Computing & Society in Macao

The UN University – Computing & Society in Macao

I spent a couple of weeks in Macao after a kind invitation from the United Nations University – Computing & Society (UNU-CS) and I arrived during the Chinese new year. It was nice to see the city enlighten by three festive days!

UNU-CS opened last year under the direction of Mike Best who was the former director of Media Lab Asia in India and the former head of the eDevelopment group at the MIT Media Lab. UNU-CS defines itself as a new research institute at the intersections of information and communication technologies and international development (ICTD) focusing on the key challenges faced by developing societies through high-impact innovations in computing and communication technologies.

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Overland Story: a long journey through Asia

On the Bosphore river in Istanbul

On the Bosphore river in Istanbul

I finished my studies at McGill University in Canada and I didn’t want to work right away.  Unlike my American and Canadian fellows, I didn’t have to reimburse a loan for my university studies and I wanted to travel for a couple of months before looking for a job.  I flew in January 2004 to Istanbul with my good friend Maxime, a camcorder and an online photo’s blog still available at: reading

Being a developer in India

Olivier working at his desk in India

Working at my desk in India

I did two internships in India during my study.  Both took place in south India in the beautiful former French colony of Pondicherry.  First time that I went there was in April 2000 for my computer science bachelor degree internship.  I was working in an Indian firm, Nexus Computer Ltd, that I virtually meet through the magic of the Internet.  Indeed, I was browsing the web in France with the expectation to find an internship in India and I entered in touch with computer fellows.  The University of Paris was nice enough to give me a grant to support me in that experience and I flew to India for three months.

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